This year has been very productive for, we’ve designed, built, deployed and maintained 10 significant services to support, sustain, and secure critical digital infrastructure.

Some of the biggest services include:

Packages - indexing 6 million open source packages from over 30 different registries, adding as many as 67,000 new versions each day.

Timeline - indexing 5.84 billion events that happened across public GitHub repos over the past 8 years, adding around 150,000 new events each hour.

Repos - indexing 38 million open source repositories and their dependencies from across 11 different hosts, adding around 14,000 new repos every day

Parser - this service has parsed dependency metadata over 100 million times, some days processing almost 1 million jobs per day

Each of these services has an open, documented JSON api that anyone can use to easily build tools and services on to enable new and interesting solutions help support, sustain, and secure critical digital infrastructure.

We’ve also been working with many different organizations to use these new services include:,,,, and more

Looking forward to next year, the next two large projects on the roadmap are:

Contributors: Collecting and aggregating contributor data for repositories in a privacy perserving way

System package managers: Support for system package managers like apt, yum, dpkg and pacman in the Packages service.

We’re also looking to work with more partners to help them add support for more ecosystems to their products as well as expanding the number of ecosystems and repository hosts that we index.